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The Housemaid’s Daughter by Barbara Mutch


Set on the arid plains of South Africa, The Housemaid’s Daughter traces the story of two remarkable women who forge an unlikely friendship across the divide of culture, generation, and colour.

Will Ada be able to protect her mixed race child in the violent township where she settles?
Will Cathleen find her and persuade her to return? Will the two survive until South Africa heals itself?


An epic journey.     An uncertain love.     An enduring friendship.

Text Box: The Housemaid’s Daughter 
Now also in translation: 

 “De Kleur van haar Hart” (Dutch)
Une Chanson Pour Ada (French)
La bambina dagle occhi di cielo (Italian)
La Hija De la Criada (Spanish)
Dóttir húshjálparinnar (Icelandic) 
Kolor jej serca (Polish)
Sobaričina kći (Croatian)
Schwarze Tochter (German)

Foreign translations for Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria and Portugal will follow.

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