The Town of Cradock

Cradock was founded in 1812 on a stretch of the Great Fish River, before it curves down from the dry plains of the Karoo towards the sea. At first it was a military town, a frontier town, but these days it is the hub of an active farming community and a burgeoning urban centre.

Signs of its past can still be seen in the buildings that ring Market Square: the Dutch Reformed Church, built in the style of St Martins-in-the-Fields in London, the Town Hall, and the Victoria Manor Hotel.

Die Tuishuise is an elegant collection of beautifully restored Victorian era craftsmen’s houses in Cradock, the frontier town at the eastern edge of the Karoo of South Africa.

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Die Tuishuis Cradock

The Schreiner House Museum at 9 Cross St celebrates the life of Olive Schreiner, acclaimed 19th Century author of The Story of an African Farm. The museum has been restored to reflect the style of the day, and is a satellite of NELM, the National English Literary Museum, in Grahamstown.

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Oliver Schreiner's House in Cradock